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Big Ten and Broad

Photo: Priyanka Verma
Priyanka Verma
Class of 2010
Concentrations:  Marketing, Strategic Management

Broad’s marketing majors have always been linked with great companies…

Look at the list of interns last year and the companies they worked for and it’s just going to get better with each passing year…

I recently attended a Mini Brand Camp by Johnson and Johnson in New Jersey and was pleasantly surprised to see that

we were the only school invited by JnJ that was not in the big ten list including NYU, Kellogs, UMich and several Ivy Leagues…

As overwhelming as the big names might seem in terms of the way we present ourselves and the knowledge we possess (or atleast

Dr.O tries his best to make us sound knowledgeable) Broad Marketing Majors are definitely a cut above…

Though the competition is intense and the economy unstable…Our marketing majors have not been unnerved…

Go Green!!!

Eli Broad College of Business

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