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The Broad MBA Experience: Team Projects

Photo: Nancy Caswell
Nancy Caswell
Class of 2009
Concentrations:  Marketing, General Management

This semester, I will have worked on team projects in all 5 of my classes – that is 3 marketing and 2 strategy classes. Therefore, the topics our team projects have covered span from Branding and Marketing Communications to Strategic Alliances and Corporate Decision-Making. What’s great about these experiences at Broad is that team projects in our classes uphold the Broad School’s value of teamwork.

Just this morning, my strategy team and I made a team presentation – it was an analysis of HP’s decision to acquire EDS this year. And, last week, in another class, a different team and I analyzed and presented a case about the iron ore industry, assessing the advantages and disadvantages of vertical integration. In both classes, my teams and I worked with one another to understand the topic at hand, challenge one another’s assumptions, and decide the best course of action for the firms under analysis. In a few weeks, another team and I will compete in an internal brand case competition.

I value these team projects because they enrich the learning experience – team projects strengthen communication and critical thinking skills, multi-tasking, as well as time management…trying to sync up a convenient meeting time for 3-4 other MBAs is always a challenge in and of itself!


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