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Estimated annual expenses for the 2013-14 academic year are shown below, including tuition & student budget.

For added curriculum flexibility, the Broad MBA program offers a block tuition structure. As an MBA student, you may register for up to 17 credits each semester without incurring additional cost, which gives you the option to pursue various business electives or electives in other fields of interest.

For budgeting purposes, you may find actual expenses differ from the amounts shown, depending on your lifestyle. For instance, housing costs differ for on-campus graduate housing versus an off-campus shared apartment.

Tuition, required fees, & taxes

  In-state Out-of-state International
Tuition & required fees $27,191 $43,135 $43,135
COGS tax: All graduate students $19 $19 $19
FM radio tax: All degree students $6 $6 $6
State News tax: All degree students with 6 or more credit hours $10 $10 $10
International student fee: (International students only) $0 $0 $150
Total tuition, required fees, & taxes $27,226 $43,170 $43,320

Student budget

  In-state Out-of-state International
Rent & Utilities $7,659 $7,659 $7,659
Food $3,078 $3,078 $3,078
Transportation $4,293 $4,293 $4,293
Personal & miscellaneous $1,500 $1,500 $1,500
Books & supplies $1,500 $1,500 $1,500
Laptop $2,000 $2,000 $2,000
*International student health insurance: $0 $0 $1,664
Total student budget $20,030 $20,030 $21,694

Total MBA cost

  In-state Out-of-state International
Tuition, required fees, & taxes $27,226 $43,170 43,320
Student budget $20,030 $20,030 $21,694
Total MBA cost $47,256 $63,200 $65,014


  1. Total MBA costs shown are for one year only. Multiply by two when calculating costs for the entire Full-Time MBA program. Note that tuition costs increase each year.
  2. All students must have a laptop computer. In-State and Out-of-State students may file a special conditional application with the Office of Financial Aid to cover laptop cost. This application is for a one-time cost of attendance increase for federal student loans. Please contact the MSU Office of Financial Aid for more information.
  3. MSU offers student health insurance to the following groups: student only; student and spouse; student, spouse, and 1 child; and student, spouse, and all children. Please contact MSU HR for further details.
  4. The MSU Board of Trustees will establish 2014-15 tuition and fees in July 2014.
  5. All military vets will receive an automatic non-resident tuition waiver. Please click here for more details.

*all international students are required to have health insurance.

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