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18 months at Broad

Photo: Kelly Herwick
Kelly Herwick
Class of 2009
Concentrations:  Finance

These past 18 months at Broad have flown by so quickly! I knew that they would, but I’m always amazed when I take a moment to think about all that has occurred. My expectations have been far surpassed by the commitment of everyone in the program – faculty, advisors, administration, and students alike – to ensuring a quality business education at Broad. For example, before I even stepped foot in a classroom,

Career Services had gone through my resume and enhanced it to a level that would be acceptable to employers that were coming to campus to interview.

I’ve been fortunate to have an incredible experience as a Graduate Assistant, working for the Broad Coach Program – a program that matches Broad students with a Broad alum for one-on-one year long mentoring. I’m also involved in the program as a Broad student and my coach is a CFO and vice chairman who has tremendous insight, is incredibly down-to-earth (the MSU way!), and continues to assist me with questions I have and to discuss current events and career paths and goals. I did not come to MSU with any academic finance background, so I looked for every resource available. That is key –look for resources that match your goals and initiate contact! At MSU, you are in the driver’s seat, but you are given an excellent map of where to turn for help if you decide you’d like a greater challenge.

Even though I had no finance background, with a good resume and interviewing assistance from the CSC, I landed my summer internship within two months, and enjoyed my time so much this past summer that I have decided to return! My husband and I will move to the Portland, Oregon area this June as I prepare to start my full-time career with Intel in their finance organization. None of this would have been possible without determining what I was looking for in an MBA program and a company. I’ve found abundant resources and support in the Broad MBA Program.

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