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I’m An Entrepreneur

Photo: Anthony Khedaywi
Anthony Khedaywi
Class of 2010
Concentrations: Marketing

You don’t necessarily think of entrepreneurship the moment you step on campus, but for anyone who’s ever been an entrepreneur or thought of doing their own venture, it’s extremely hard to get rid of the “entrepreneurial bug.” Before joining the Broad community, I had been an entrepreneur for several years and personally loved every minute of it. I knew at some point that I wanted to get my MBA and at the time it worked out great to become a Spartan. Absolutely no regrets.

Looking back now over the past two years and now stepping down the path of another entrepreneurial journey, I can honestly say that Broad has equipped me for success in any venture I pursue. Whether it was learning finance with Dr. Khanna, debating pricing strategy with Dr. Calantone, brainstorming with faculty about my ventures, or building relationships with my teammates, my chances of success are undeniably higher.

If you were to look at the person (or better yet the entrepreneur) I was before joining Broad and compare it to the person I am today, you’d see a difference. The passion would be the same, but the amount of knowledge and relationships built would be dramatically different. For this I’m proud. I’m proud to call myself a Spartan.

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