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Directions & Parking

Location of our office

The MBA Admissions Office is located in Michigan State University’s Eppley Center on the northwest corner of Bogue Street and Shaw Lane.

Directions from airports

MSU is within driving distance from several airports:

Driving to campus


MBA Admissions Office
215 Eppley Center
East Lansing, MI 48824

Street view

Parking on campus

Wharton Center parking ramp

The Wharton Center parking ramp is staffed and offers non-metered parking charged by the hour. It is accessible from Shaw Lane just east of Eppley Center. The MBA Program Office will validate parking stubs from this ramp.

Directions to the MBA Program Office from the Wharton Ramp

Wharton Center is located on the southeast curve of the traffic circle; Eppley Center is on the northwest curve. Once you park, exit the north side of the Wharton Center parking ramp and cross Shaw Lane heading toward Owen Graduate Hall. Turn left and cross Bogue Street heading west. Enter the four-story, sandstone-colored entrance of Eppley Center. Take the elevator to the second floor and follow the signs to the MBA Admissions Office in Suite 215 (turn right when you exit the elevator) or MBA Career Services Center in Suite 211 (turn left when you exit the elevator).

Ramp 1, Lot 51 Parking

Parking in Ramp 1, Lot 51 is FREE on Saturday and Sunday (unless there is a sporting event). It is located immediately to the West of the College of Law on Shaw Lane. The Eppley Center is located across North Shaw Lane directly North East of the ramp.

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