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Faculty, alumni, and student profiles from the Full-Time MBA program.

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Judy Whipple
Professor of Supply Chain Management

“I like that a lot of students don’t know what supply chain means; I like when the light bulb goes off,” Whipple says. “They say things like, ‘I’ll never shop at a store or order online and not think about how the product was made and how it gets there.’ What we’re teaching is real-world relevant, and I really enjoy that.”

Natalya Leahy
Associate Director of Finance
Procter & Gamble

Coming into Broad, Leahy expected to feel like an international student. She explains, however, that the opposite was true, “I really felt like I was part of the 100 students, not international. [Broad] brings people in from all over the U.S. so even though they’re American, they don’t know anyone either. My concerns—[being] able to have friends and develop strong connections with peers—were the same concerns as American students’.”

Puneet Agarwal
Finance Manager

“My Broad MBA instilled unparalleled confidence and knowledge in me and prepared me to take on the toughest challenges in life. On the job, I feel I am better or equally equipped [compared to] my peers from other top U.S. and global B-schools.”

Pat Golla
Global Business Process Owner
Novartis Consumer Healthcare

"I loved the personal experience at MSU and formed strong friendships and relationships, so I’ll always carry that with me,” says Golla. “Broad really fulfilled the reason I went there, which was to give myself a better career opportunity and track. The program provided a solid foundation…and gave me all the skills I needed to be successful in each of my roles, which then turned into bigger opportunities."

Holly Miller
Class of 2015

“I really want to broaden my skill set and do something more than just accounting,” Miller says. “I want to leverage that skill, but use it to look at a business as a whole. My ideal job would be to use data—financial models and tools—to make decisions that benefit the company.”

Noel Dolan
Senior Manager of Strategic Partner Alliance

“Our class was very multicultural, very diverse. We had a lot of international students. We had women, we had men, we had gay, we had straight—we had everything. I’m very appreciative of Broad for the diversity I was exposed to and able to work with because it better prepared me to be successful at Whirlpool.”

Greg Mendez
Student - Class of 2014

“Knowing I was going to be gone all the time at school, I wanted to be sure my wife would make friends and have stuff to do,” Mendez says. “Coming from the military, veterans are very familiar with FRG. It’s an aspect of MSU’s program that doesn’t get enough attention. A lot of people coming back to school after working five or six years are probably married or have kids. It’s a really helpful support group.”

Leslie Garrison

“I’ve always tried to navigate steep learning curves,” she says. “I know nothing about the tech industry outside of what I’m reading in trade journals. I’m from the East Coast, so from a cultural standpoint, I’m going to be learning about a very different way of life. Everything will be different, and I really thrive on that.”

Justin Murray
Sales Strategy Manager

“Broad does a good job of making the program very intensive in terms of relationships; it’s a smaller program, you get to know the professors and students very well, and you really build those relationships,” Murray continues. “That’s a skill you need to be successful at Broad and I’ve found it’s a skill you need to be successful at Mars.”

Robin Hannum
Student - Class of 2014

“In general, when I came here for the small size and team atmosphere, I didn’t realize how many doors [being a student at Broad] would open,” Hannum says. “I’ve had a lot of exposure to different companies. The program gets you thinking about your style of leadership, your role, how you influence your team. It’s been a really good opportunity for my own personal growth over these last two years. I’m thinking even bigger now than I was when I came in.”

Jennifer Dunn
Assistant Professor of Management

Dunn’s work as a consultant before and as a graduate assistant while earning her master’s degree informed her switch to teaching. Her PhD research focused on the psychology of decision-making. In 2007, she joined the MSU Broad faculty, where she teaches a second-year master’s elective on negotiations and a required course on business ethics. Three years in a row, the Full-Time MBA class has given her its Outstanding Professor in an Elective Course Award.

Tunga Kiyak
Managing Director, AIB; Outreach Coordinator, IBC
Adjunct Professor of Marketing

Kiyak began working at the International Business Center (IBC, or MSU-CIBER) while earning his doctorate. As outreach coordinator, he works with Michigan companies looking to export products. In the pre-Internet search days, he started a website, now called globalEDGE, that gathers resources for international business. He serves as managing director of the Academy of International Business (AIB). Kiyak also teaches data analysis.

John Wagner
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs
Professor of Management

Wagner studies organizational life and has published broadly, winning awards for his work. He is an associate editor of the Administrative Science Quarterly and has served on the editorial board of the Academy of Management Review. As associate dean, he has worked to implement the sophomore admissions curriculum and the Residential Business Program to acclimate business-preference freshmen to campus.

Glenn Omura
Associate Dean for MBA & Master's Programs
Associate Professor of Marketing

Omura focuses his research and consulting on creating and growing markets, particularly as driven by emerging technologies. He directs the AMA Global Entrepreneurship and Marketing Research Interface. He has won numerous awards for teaching quality, including being named an “Outstanding Marketing Professor” by Businessweek. Omura earned his PhD at Ohio State, where he studied with the authors of the first textbook on consumer behavior.

John Hollenbeck
Professor of Management

Hollenbeck’s research focuses on how disasters often occur as a result of people making the “right” decisions within the system and how to avoid these errors. He is a principal investigator for a grant investigating how gender affects small group decision-making in the military. His courses include a five-week class on teamwork and leadership for MBA students and an executive education collaboration with MSU Athletics called Building Winning Teams.

Dan French
Sales & Operations Planning Lead

"I liked the small class size while being part of the large university, which is nice because you have a large alumni base you can draw upon. It felt like a close-knit program and I actually cancelled my other visits after going there and being accepted because I realized it felt right."

Vikas Harish
Associate Director of Transformation Projects

"Broad taught me the importance of working as a team.... We learned how to generalize our thoughts, align our team on the solution, and make sure everything’s done in a concise manner, taking into account time and pressure challenges."

Matt Zuby
Associate Product Manager
Elmer’s Products, Inc.

"My curriculum in the Broad program helped me gain a background in that kind of data before I was out in the workplace trying to read, understand, and also translate it to others."

Shilpa Shastri
Manager of Strategic Sourcing and Global Supply

It’s amazing how supportive the whole program is, especially the admissions team and faculty in the MBA office, receiving that support, motivation, and help is impactful. Team skills are huge. Being able to work with people across different levels in an organization is important for success and something I’ve been complimented on coming out of Broad.

Tony Grant
Northern United Brewing Company

"The chance to experience a different culture, look at industry in a different country, and really understand how commerce works globally, that was fantastic. It’s not just going to learn something, but broadening horizons and getting out of your comfort zone; it’s extremely important."

Nikhil Sagar
VP of Supply Chain and Inventory Planning

"Two things that stick out for me are value for money and the fact we gained really great educations while having fun. Everyone was collegial and…I ended up landing several good placements, even in a recession year."

Kara Kosowski
Director of Strategic Sourcing

“I can stand toe-to-toe with any of my peers—or leaders for that matter—and present, feeling comfortable with what I’m saying. My MBA has opened doors in the sense that I was able to get into a Fortune 50 company, continue to work my career path upwards, and know my potential at this point is unlimited."

Doug Gilmour
Product Marketing Manager
Ford Motor Company

"We lived teamwork at Broad. It came down to everybody working together and getting the whole team up to speed. I’m surprised when other MBAs struggle with working together and adapting to teamwork. They may have the right answer, but struggle to get it across to the team."

Daniel Villegas
UK Head of Sales & Marketing, Women's Health

Daniel leads the UK Women’s Health portfolio for Bayer, overseeing a team of 40 across sales, marketing, market access, and national partnerships. Currently based out of London, Daniel is responsible for the overall P&L of the business unit; ensuring the growth of his brands, the development of his people, and the delivery of financial targets.

Carlos Johnson
Account Executive

An account executive at Google, Carlos Johnson consults with companies building their digital media strategy. He understands the importance of Broad’s emphasis on working in diverse teams. “I’ve received positive feedback throughout my career on my ability to seamlessly work with people from all backgrounds, from all over the world. I worked in Europe for a couple years in teams with five to six people and we’d all be sitting in different countries. It was almost just like being in one of my teams from Broad.”

Brandon Walsh
Sr. Manager of Strategy & Development
Whirlpool Co.

Iraq War veteran Brandon Walsh, chose the Broad MBA program because of its value in the business world. Now a senior manager of Strategy and Development at Whirlpool, Walsh understands the magnitude of the return on his investment in the program. He loved the classes and being challenged to rethink his assumptions to expand his problem solving abilities. “It prepared me to think on my feet and thrive in a team setting. My co-workers notice and admire this.”

Adam Henige
Managing Partner
Netvantage Marketing

Preparing entrepreneurs like Adam Henige, co-owner of Netvantage Henige, is found in the Broad MBA education. “Broad continues to impact my life in one way or another since the day I [started] there." Henige does a little bit of everything—from sales to administrative work, but his specialty and the company’s niche is organic search engine optimization. He created the company with fellow alumna Joe Ford.

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