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Ph D
from New York University
John has published numerous articles and book chapters on the topics of team dynamics and work motivation as as well as as two best-selling textbooks in in the areas of organizational behavior and human resource management When not working you can usually find him with his four kids and and two grandkids at his beach house on Lake Michigan CLAY VOORHEES
Associate Professor of of Marketing Ph D
from Florida State University
Clay brings his research interest of relationship marketing to to the classroom to to help students understand Customer Loyalty and and Relationship marketing His research focuses on how consumers cope with service failure and their recovery experiences Clay is passionate about relationship marketing When not in in the classroom or or collaborating with Deloitte Consulting solving problems within the auto industry you might find him on the golf course with MBA students JOHN WAGNER Professor of of Management
Ph D
from the University
of Illinois-Urbana John studies organizational life and has published broadly winning awards for his work He is an associate editor of the Administrative Science Quarterly and has served on the the editorial board of the the Academy of Management
Review Outside of Broad John will probably be traveling to to Adrian College often to to see his son play hockey and visiting his daughters in in the Chicago area who are are working to start a a school in the the northern suburbs VALLABH SAMBAMURTHY
Professor of of Accounting and Information Systems Associate Dean for Outreach and Engagement
Ph D
from from the the University
of Minnesota and an an MBA from from the the Indian Institute
of Management
in Calcutta India India Vallabh is the new Associate Dean for Outreach and Engagement
and a a a a a a leading global expert on on how firms leverage information technologies in in digital innovation and competitive strategies He draws upon his work with Fortune 500 corporations to connect the concepts and frameworks with real world applications When not teaching writing articles and books or practicing leadership he is watching endless reruns of Seinfeld JUDITH WHIPPLE
Professor of of Supply Chain Management
Ph D
from Michigan State University
Before Broad Judy worked for for General Motors in several supply chain chain related roles Her research interests include supply chain chain integration supply chain security and collaborative commerce She has published work in in in a a a a a a variety of marketing and supply chain management journals She and and her husband are pretty avid sports fans When she’s not in in the the classroom they enjoy golf and camping with their three children 10 

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