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Preparing entrepreneurs like Adam Henige, co-owner of Netvantage Henige, is found in the Broad MBA education. “Broad continues to impact my life in one way or another since the day I [started] there." Henige does a little bit of everything—from sales to administrative work, but his specialty and the company’s niche is organic search engine optimization. He created the company with fellow alumna Joe Ford.

Adam Henige

Managing Partner
Netvantage Marketing


Adam Henige, Managing Partner of the search engine marketing company Netvantage Marketing, never imagined he’d be an entrepreneur. Nonetheless, he turned film and video production experience into a marketing career and successful entrepreneurial pursuit. He states, “My Broad MBA gave legitimacy to what I was trying to get into and do.”

As co-owner of Netvantage, Henige does a little bit of everything—from sales to operations and HR to bookkeeping and administrative work. His specialty, however, is organic search engine optimization, so he manages the staff and clients whose goal is ranking near the top of search engine listings.

According to Henige, his company started on a napkin. While he and fellow Broad alum Joe Ford— at the time, senior consultants providing a wide range of marketing and web services—had lunch, Henige realized there could be a whole business doing just search engine marketing. Ford grabbed a napkin, scribbling down what they’d need, and six months later they had an office. Shortly thereafter, they established a foothold in Lansing by hitting countless networking and marketing events.

When Henige came to Broad’s MBA program, being in charge of people and doing it well was an overarching goal. Inspired by a particularly unpleasant boss, Henige decided, “Even if I manage just 4–5 people, if I can make five people’s day-to-day lives not tortuous…then that’s a reasonable calling in life.”

Nowadays, Henige also makes the decisions, and his employees come to work with positive outlooks thanks to the expertise and confidence Broad instilled. Placed on a team with four of the smartest people he’s ever met, however, it didn’t come easily. In fact, he was terrified to see his teammates’ impressive resumes. Ultimately taking a stab at team leader, Henige deduces, “Working with extremely accomplished business people, calling the shots, and having them believe in me is one of the reasons I feel confident and was able to do [everything] since graduating.”

Broad faculty challenged Henige and his peers in preparation of their post-MBA careers. He shares, “Brand marketing was the most valuable class because it was extremely tangible. Every week we’d work on a problem and…collaborate with classmates. We’d have to make a case out of the numbers and make educated guesses, which is how the business world works.”

Henige, who graduated with his MBA in 2006, believes his Broad connections are hard to beat. After landing his first consulting job through a Broad peer and more recently bringing in a Broad classmate—and good friend—as one of his top employees, Henige concludes, “Broad continues to impact my life in one way or another since the day I [started] there.”

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