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"My curriculum in the Broad program helped me gain a background in that kind of data before I was out in the workplace trying to read, understand, and also translate it to others."

Matt Zuby

Associate Product Manager
Elmer’s Products, Inc.


Discovering he preferred working with customers and marketing over technical test data, Matt Zuby left his job in automotive technical sales in favor of returning to his alma mater. Zuby knew he wanted to enter brand management and wisely used Broad’s MBA program as a stepping stone.

Today, Zuby has successfully leveraged his Broad MBA to become the Associate Product Manager for Krazy Glue and X-ACTO Cutting Tools at Elmer’s Products, Inc. There, he handles product development as well as all promotional planning, including the TV and radio creative. Once products go to market, Zuby collects point-of-sale data from major accounts to look at brand share and understand where gaps in the marketplace are.

During the MBA program, Zuby landed an internship with ForeSee Results in product development, which translated into a market research analyst role following his MBA. These experiences led him to brand management opportunities later on and were made possible by Broad’s career services team, who strengthened his interviewing skills. He describes their impact, “They helped me build a framework of 5–6 real-world applications I’d done in my job that I could spin for any question an interviewer or recruiter might ask. I was a lot better prepared.”

Coming from an engineering and supply chain background, Zuby has found Broad’s strong curriculum exceptionally applicable to his brand management career. His first exposure to marketing research was in an analysis class, where he and his peers looked at demographics and understood crosstabs—skills he used right away. Zuby states, “My curriculum in the Broad program helped me gain a background in that kind of data before I was out in the workplace trying to read, understand, and also translate it to others.”

“Even the finance and accounting classes…helped build my professional development,” he continues. “Part of what I do now is looking at profitability and going to market, having that background, and understanding ROI and 3–5 year interest and growth patterns—the backbone of that is based off the core curriculum classes.”

Prior to his MBA, bad experiences led Zuby to dislike teams. Broad’s team focus, however, transformed him; nowadays, he enjoys leading and collaborating with a cross-functional team. Zuby explains how Broad brought about this appreciation, “Case competitions and group projects built trust and taught us how to manage people better, understand different cultures, and approach others to do what’s needed.”

After working with MBAs from other programs, Zuby has observed a difference between Broad and non-Broad MBAs. He says, “I’m able to take a step back and look at the 3–5 year plan better than other MBAs. It’s having a more holistic approach to why we’re doing things and not just reacting, but being more proactive, which was the mindset of my classes [at Broad].”

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