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"Broad taught me the importance of working as a team.... We learned how to generalize our thoughts, align our team on the solution, and make sure everything’s done in a concise manner, taking into account time and pressure challenges."

Vikas Harish

Associate Director of Transformation Projects


Prior to earning his Broad MBA, Vikas Harish was an engineer, working at Schlumberger, the leader in oil and gas services, and Federal-Mogul. Today, he is Associate Director of Transformation Projects at Zimmer, where he leads efforts in global transformations across its medical device manufacturing footprint.

Harish views himself as an enabler who facilitates project execution. He manages projects across different business units and global regions, including the European Union, Middle East, and Asia Pacific. The transformational projects spread across every function from sales to logistics, manufacturing to operations, and continuous improvement to supply chain optimization. Additionally, he serves as Global Program Manager of Zimmer’s company-wide quality excellence program. Harish says he enjoys, “managing whole projects from a concept to planning, execution, monitoring, and proper closure.”

Between earning his Broad MBA and moving to Zimmer a year ago, Harish served as Senior Consultant with Deloitte Consulting. He worked in supply chain strategy, sourcing and procurement, mergers and acquisitions, as well as the oil and gas regulatory environment. Participation in Spartan Consulting and the Broad Consulting Club during the MBA program expanded Harish’s opportunities, allowing him to use his skills in a new environment. According to Harish, this consulting experience also helped when he was vice president of relations for Broad Net Impact.

Outside of class and student organizations, Harish held a graduate assistantship in Broad’s WMBA office, where he researched WMBA programs across the country and evaluated Broad’s to improve the already-successful program. Reflecting on his opportunities, Harish shares, “I learned a lot in terms of managing projects and interacting with industry leaders. All those interviews and the real-time feedback have really helped in defining where I am today.”

One of the greatest lessons Harish learned at Broad is how to manage teams effectively. Previously, he’d stuck to more of a contributor role, so developing an understanding of what leadership means enhanced Harish’s ability to excel in his management role at Zimmer. He describes, “Being a true leader…is about how you manage the whole team…, understanding dynamics, driving them for effective execution to reach the goal, and making decisions that impact team morale.”

Looking back, Harish considers Broad vs. Broad, the internal case competition for first-years, one of his most interesting experiences. This competition in particular, Harish explains, “taught the importance of working as a team…. We learned how to generalize our thoughts, align our team on the solution, and make sure everything’s done in a concise manner, taking into account time and pressure challenges.”

Beyond the consulting, leadership, and team competencies Harish built at Broad, he says, “If I look at what I gained from MSU and where I am right now, I attribute a lot to my Broad MBA.”

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